Thursday, September 17, 2009

Can I just say...

...I am so excited The Office is back tonight! I am going to be glued to the TV tonight - on NBC we've got SNL Weekend Update Thursday at 8 (and Amy Poehler will be back!), Parks and Recreation at 8:30, Office at 9, and Community at 9:30. I've heard good things about Community, so I'm giving it a shot and risking addiction to yet another TV show. (We've already started to watch Glee and I'm considering trying out Flash there's a 2 hours Heroes premiere next week...yikes!)

Then at 10 I'll be watching Project Runway as usual - and as soon as that's over, Shaun gets the TV to watch Fringe, which we'll have to DVR since that's on at 9 on Fox. And I'll DVR Models of the Runway but watch it another day - gotta get some sleep at least! Especially since we have a busy weekend ahead of us... Shaun and Rich are picking me up early from work and we're heading to DC to visit John and Sarah! Unfortunately we don't have a long weekend there like we did last year, but we'll make the most of it. Hopefully I'll remember to snap a few pictures so I can post them next week!

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