Monday, April 20, 2009

Kent Falls

We took advantage of the gorgeous 70 degree weather on Saturday by getting out for a quick hike. We were actually looking for a trail I heard about online and ended up driving miles on this narrow gravel road next to a river without seeing any sign of a trail. By the time we found our way back to the main road, we were halfway to Kent so we decided to continue up to Kent Falls, a state park with a nice little trail and of course, a waterfall. We've tried a decent amount of trails in the area, but we have a soft spot for Kent Falls because it's where we got engaged back on September 22, 2006, about a week after I moved out here to Connecticut. Here are a couple of pictures from that day:

Little did I know what would happen just a few minutes after I took this.

Here we are at the top of the falls, after all the hugging and crying and coming out of shock. I can't believe that was over 2.5 years ago already!

Now, back to the present, with pics from Saturday:

Here's the view from the bench where we got engaged, which we of course have to visit every time we come back.

Shaun decided to explore a, a short tunnel between two big rocks.

At first I thought my mild claustrophobia would keep me out of there...

...but then I figured I could suck it up for a few feet.

Whew, we made it!

It figures that the sun would disappear by the time we got up there. But it was very nice to get outside, though it was a bit of a mean trick that today the weather was back to 40s and rain. Hopefully it'll all be worth it next weekend, when it's supposed to be close to 80! I'm loving all the flowers that are blooming, but the local scenery will be complete when the all the leaves finally come out...should be very soon. I'm especially appreciative of spring this year, after the winter that just didn't want to end.

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