Friday, April 3, 2009

The usual gibberish

Wow, I have once again been a bad blogger. Over two weeks?! Time flies when you're having fun...or when you're working, cleaning, and watching all the TV shows you're addicted to. And spending way too much time commuting. Ugh.

I decided to force upon us the second annual spring cleaning this March to get rid of clothes and other stuff we don't need, as well as to go through and clean areas of the house we tend to neglect - such as windows and all the dusty corners. I'm still working on sorting and organizing all the stationery, craft and desk supplies I've accumulated over the years - it boggles my mind how many writing utensils I have collected! If they all still worked and had ink left in them, I might never need to buy pens again.

I also found something in an old backpack that always amuses me when I run into it - the little plastic tube from the one and only breathalyzer I've ever taken (and likely will ever take). My freshman year at ND, I did some stage music and percussion sound effects for the spring production of Oedipus. After one of the performances, some of the cast members hosted a gathering at their apartment, so I went to it with one of my fellow drummers. Unfortunately, some of the non-college-aged neighbors weren't too happy about the noise, and it wasn't long before the police showed up at the door to break up the party and breathalyze every single person under 21. And that is when it paid off to be a goody two shoes non-drinker* - or really, just someone who has (still) never developed a taste for alcohol. So I blew a perfect 0.00 and took my little souvenir back to my dorm. My more-frequently-partygoing friends thought it was absolutely hilarious that I was the one out of our group that got breathalyzed. Man, does that seem like a long time ago! (*Trying to make fun of my boring self here, not anyone else!)

On a funnier note, I have to share a blog that one of my message board friends pointed out this week - The "Blog" of "Unnecessary"Quotation Marks. It drives me nuts when people misuse punctuation and commit various grammar crimes, so I find this blog hilarious - and a bit scary. And when I see an overabundant usage of quotes, it makes me think of Chris Farley's frequent air-quoting in the Weekend Update segment where he didn't "own a toothbrush" or "wear clothes that fit him". Classic.

Well, for now, I'm off to figure out a bit of entertainment for the hubby and me tonight, seeing as I've so far made dinner, made a grocery list, looked at house listings and uselessly lamented the fact that we bought in 2007, and written this blog. Bet you wish your life was this exciting! So, hopefully I'll break out of this blogging rut and come up with some interesting (or at least tasty) things to write about soon.

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