Friday, August 21, 2009

Out of shape

It's been awhile...I just haven't been a very inspired blogger lately. I've at least made a step (or perhaps a pedal) in the right direction physically though, as Shaun and I finally made our purchase of a recumbent exercise bike. We've gone way too long without a consistent workout routine, and though we've been blessed with decent metabolism, we know that doesn't get us off the hook.

I feel kind of sad that I've descended into this state of dread toward exercise. In high school (yeah, I know that was 10 years ago) I was on the swimming team, and with dry land conditioning plus pool time, I would work out for three hours a day, Monday through Saturday, minus the one meet day we would have most weeks. That was actually my favorite part - despite my usually low-key nature, I thrived on competition in the pool, and seeing someone coming up the lane next to me would always push me to go faster. Sometimes I miss that!

I didn't have a workout routine per se in college, but during football season Shaun and I would both march around wearing 40lb drums for a couple hours a day (and much longer on game days). I think that counts for something! But we both had activity overload throughout our school years and since then have been reveling in our ability to be lazy after coming home from work, aside from the occasional walk or hike during nicer weather.

But no more laziness here. We decided on the bike because we figured A. if we have a way to work out that involves sitting and even watching TV in our own basement, we might actually do it, and B. it's a better value for us than going to a gym where we probably wouldn't use most of the stuff they offer. Plus no one wants to see me all gross and sweaty.

My nemesis...just kidding. I actually had no idea there was a slot for books and stuff until I took this picture.

I admire people who train for marathons or bike an insane amount of miles per day, but I just don't have the drive for that. So for now, I'm just trying to do some sort of workout most days of the week for my own I don't feel quite as guilty about having dessert, or try to convince myself my shorts just "shrank in the wash". It's only been a couple of weeks since we got the bike, but I just want to know when I'm going to start feeling better from working out, instead of exhausted!

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