Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I've been tagged! (and other randomness)

I just had to give a shout out to a couple of fellow bloggers, ladies I met online while we were planning our weddings at the same time. Lynsey at The Foster Following gave me the cute award that's hanging out somewhere over there ---> for being a good blog friend. However, I'm being bad and not tagging anyone at the moment, simply because I'm indecisive and read way too many fun blogs to narrow it down. (Plus, I've been meaning to organize and add some more to the list of blogs I follow, and I don't want to leave anyone out!) So I apologize for breaking the chain, but I just had to pause and say thanks to Lynsey. As other fellow recipients have said, it's still hard to believe there are real people out there who read my "gibberish"!

I've also been tagged by Megan at So, Now What? (and now Katie at Tote's Life!) to open the 6th picture folder on my computer, open the 6th photo, and blog it. Here's the 6th picture in that folder, which is a bunch of pics of our townhouse:

Not the most interesting picture...just the area between our living room and dining room. But it's potentially the cleanest our dining room table has ever been! I'm breaking the rules again and not tagging anybody for this, but if you read this and feel like taking part, go for it! Pictures are fun and I'd love to see yours.

A couple of random thoughts to end:

-Is it just me or does Ryan Seacrest's pause between "This..." and " American Idol!" get longer every show?

-I wrote a one-word note in my planner last night with something to blog about, and today I can't read it. I doubt it was important.

-Maybe I'm overly paranoid, but do you ever get the feeling that a particular person doesn't like you, even though, to your knowledge, you've given them no reason not to like you? And if so, do you wonder why you care since you're obviously not friends with this person? Ah well.

-I chuckled tonight when Shaun went to get some chicken leftovers out of the fridge for dinner and I had to remind him that it was Ash Wednesday...and he's the Catholic one in the relationship. I guess I was conditioned during my 4 years at ND! We instead took these wonderful, meatless, carb-fest leftovers out of the freezer - pierogi lasagna.

Okay, back to watching some Idol. Shaun has called Nick Mitchell/Norman Gentle as the winner already...he's from the town next to us, so if he ends up in the top 3, we're going to his parade. Ha.

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