Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My least favorite month is over!

Perhaps the worst of winter is through? Oh, I should know better than to say that. But we're making progress. Anyway, here are just a few random thoughts and updates from the last few days...

-I did a fair amount of cooking and baking over the weekend with the Super Bowl and another small gathering of friends, but my favorite thing by far was these cookie dough brownies, topped with the chocolate ganache recommended by Bakerella. If you're a chocolate fan...oh boy. They're good.

-I was kind of underwhelmed with Super Bowl commercials this year, and I also didn't enjoy the 3D stuff as much as I anticipated. Shaun and I only wore our glasses for a few minutes during Chuck, though we still really enjoyed the episode. I got a bit too into it though, because last night I had a dream that someone was mad that I had taken his job (completely not true in real life), and he was trying to set off a bomb in the office. I was investigating boxes and when I identified one with a bomb, I tossed it into my boss's fridge (exactly what they did on Monday's Chuck). When the angry ex-employee showed up at the office, my father-in-law pushed him down the stairs. It was pretty freaky - I spent my waking moments this morning trying to confirm in my fuzzy brain that my address is not posted anywhere online and convince myself that someone was not about to break down our door to come shoot me.

-I'm watching American Idol this season, as I have been regularly since season 4, and I just have to say THANK GOODNESS bikini girl is gone. I didn't think I needed to post a spoiler warning for that because we all knew it was coming. I was telling Shaun tonight that it's not because I'm jealous of her being a beautiful girl on TV - it's just that she's obviously a total b&%$#, and I love Kara even more for coming out and saying that as the girl walked out. I found it quite amusing that she was calling all the other girls in her group fake. But she's happy; she got all her camera time and will likely now get some more undeserved attention. Oh well...I have intentionally not used her real name and will not mention her again.

I guess that's enough for tonight. At least tomorrow's Thursday - the weekend is almost here, and The Office and 30 Rock are on! I swear I do more than watch TV...

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Lauren said...

AMEN to Bikini Girl being gone. Good grief.