Monday, May 11, 2009

SNL, JT-style

I haven't written recently because, well, there just hasn't been much interesting stuff going on lately. I wrote a post last week but decided it was entirely too boring and deleted it. Shaun and I had a nice and relaxing weekend, and one of my personal highlights was watching Saturday Night Live hosted by Justin Timberlake. I was a big 'N Sync fan back in the day so I may be biased, but I think he's definitely got some talent in comedy as well as singing. Shaun's not his biggest fan but will even admit he enjoyed Saturday's show. In case you haven't seen them, I thought I'd compile some of the highlights:

I loved how JT made fun of himself (and Britney). This led into...

...the long-awaited (or not) sequel to the ultimate Christmas gift, "D*** in a Box". This time they gave unique presents, Mother's Day style. Didn't have quite the surprise factor of the original, but still pretty clever.

This kind of sketch is becoming a classic for JT - and as my hubby so perfectly said, "everything is funnier with big hands". My favorite is the 2-for-1 of "Implants" and "Mediocre Face".

I figured Jimmy Fallon would make another appearance for the Barry Gibb Talk Show. This song always gets stuck in my head, but I don't care because it amuses me. I was also quite surprised that Justin was the one who broke character first - Jimmy held it together better than he ever did when he was a regular! Ha.

So, there ya go...hope you got some laughs on this lovely Monday.

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