Friday, May 15, 2009


I love spring. I'm a sucker for color so I love when everything is in this tree near our building.

My favorites though are lilacs...that's got to be one of the best smells in the world. My parents' previous house had a huge lilac hedge in the backyard that would bloom around this time of year, and I loved it. We don't quite have the space in our little townhouse garden for a lilac bush, but I told Shaun that will be my one landscaping requirement whenever we have our own yard.

Spring might be my favorite definitely makes me pardon my forthcoming rambling. I think of high school, when in mid-May we'd have prom and our big spring band concert. And college, when every year I got to stick around campus for senior week, just hanging out, enjoying the (usually) nice weather, and going to band rehearsals for the graduation events. Of course, it was always tough to say goodbye to each class of graduating seniors - and especially bittersweet to actually graduate. I can't believe it will be 5 years tomorrow since I graduated from ND!

Now that I'm out of school, the only bittersweet part of this time of year is the season finales of all the shows I follow (for example, The Office - WOW what an ending!!!). American Idol usually ends last, so I get sad when I hear that 19 Entertainment/Fremantle Media chime for the last time and wonder what I'm going to do with my evenings. Pathetic, eh?

We do have some fun things to look forward to this summer though: celebrating an anniversary (how we're celebrating, however, is still TBD), maybe a couple weekend trips, and the main event - a trip to Minnesota in July. We'll of course be visiting my family (seeing them for the first time since Christmas!), and we're also bringing along a couple of our baseball-fanatic friends who want to take advantage of their last chance to see a Twins game in the Metrodome before the new outdoor stadium opens next year. I'm excited to show them around my hometown, and I'm excited to meet my cousin's baby! She's due with her first daughter in June. She also has a son who's 16 months - it'll be fun to see how much he's changed since we last saw him.

I'll try to wrap this up, but as a belated nod to Mother's Day, I have to share a cute and funny mom story. I was talking to my mom on Sunday, and she mentioned she had tried a recipe from "that frontier lady site" that I had introduced her to. I said, "You mean Pioneer Woman?" and joked that I might need to get her the Mom Translator. ;-) Don't worry...tomorrow is the season finale (with Will Ferrell hosting, it should be a good one!), so I will soon stop bombarding you with SNL videos.

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