Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Weekend Wrap-up

So after I posted on Saturday we went out for a walk at a nearby park...after a cold, rainy Friday, Saturday and Sunday's weather was absolutely perfect - sunny and mid-upper 70s both days. After that we came back and got ready to go out to dinner and a movie. We way overestimated the time we would need for dinner, so we had a lot of time to kill before the movie we had tickets for, but it worked out because I had leftovers to refrigerate anyway. We stopped at home to take care of that and to take a few self-portraits outside.

I felt a little weird dressing up since I rarely have a reason to, but I hadn't worn that dress since our rehearsal dinner and I wanted to get some more use out of it! Shaun's wearing one of the shirts I got him - exciting gift, eh? He got me an iPod dock so I can listen to music in the kitchen, but it was back ordered so he brought me some flowers in the meantime.

Anyway, we left again to go see The Hangover. I must say that if you're into that sort of movie (typical raunchy R-rated comedy), definitely go see was hilarious. I was even grumpy before the movie started because of some jerk in the theater - I didn't even crack a smile during the BrĂ¼no preview - but The Hangover had me in tears from laughter.

After the movie, we came back and had some cake. Pink champagne was the most unique flavor we had as a wedding cake layer and I wanted to try to recreate it (even though it couldn't be as good as Rascia's!). My mom pointed me toward this simple recipe that just calls for subbing pink champagne for the water in a box mix. (Instead of the champagne frosting described there, I tried this buttercream recipe, halved - it tasted kinda storebought which isn't my thing, but it wasn't bad, and it was easy to work with.) And the end result, complete with my amateurish decorating...

Again, not worthy of our real wedding cake, but it was fun, and it didn't taste too bad either.

Funny side story about the liquor store where I bought the champagne - since we're not drinkers, this pink champagne was my first ever alcohol purchase. The sign outside the store said they carded, but I didn't get carded! Granted, I know I don't look 20 anymore, but I thought they were supposed to card if you look under 40 or something. I was a little disappointed! ;-)

But anyway, we had a great anniversary day, and Shaun just kept on giving Sunday by doing laundry, washing dishes, cleaning up the mess of boxes in our basement, and vacuuming the house. I'm a lucky gal!

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Megan said...

First ever alcohol purchase - oh my! :) I think I had that under the belt at 16 - bad Megan.

Happy anniversary, love the cake.